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Relaxing in the ROUND PEN?

Posted on September 11, 2012 at 6:20 PM

I took the blog down for a while. I discovered random people were posting in the comments attempting to sell Sex Toys and such which obviously is not exactly what we do here thankfully none of our owners saw these and called me wondering exactly what kind of training we did. 

Now that I have it all ironed out back to training tips and random thoughts...

The round pen

Here lately I have developed a strong relationship with my round pen. I've done alot of thinking in there here lately, It's become the zen room at my house. The other day I compared it to the rinse cyle in the washing machine where you put a horse in there made it go round and round until all the bad stuff came out and you had a much fancier outfit to ride. For that particular horse it's true the horse was full of it and needed to learn some respect, but this week and a different horse it's became a meditaion zone. I would chant and beat on Bongo Drums like Matthew McCaughney if I thought it would help but fortunatly we're not that extreme and I don't smoke dope so it's not going to sound right. I took a horse in there the other day to calm it down, not work it's tail off. First ride new horse and it was exactly what I was told it was. You hit a lope and it felt like a Lipazanner with a bad case of EPM. Before I called the vet I took it to the round pen looped the reins over the saddle and watched it go. Apparently the problem is me on it's back because the horse is a BEAUTIFUL mover and a horse that big should not be able to lope in that small of a round pen so efficeiently, it's defenatly not crippled. I climbed up on the fence a stared at the new project for a little bit and tried to bring back every trick I had ever been taught to calm a horse like this down.

The one that came to mind was a little run off cowbred mare I had to break who panicked at a lope. The head trainers responce to me at the time was let her go. All she can do is go in a circle if she's got any sense she will slow down and start wondering why you aren't pulling on her. So after a bit of light work biting the horse up side to side and working it for 3 or 4 min, I climbed on threw the reins away and "Let Her Go". I'm not going to lie, you know that ride at the fair where you're going in circles so fast the force pushed you up against the wall and you can't move? I was there, my right stirrup was taking some serious G forces while I did my best to stay loose in the saddle and give the horse something to wonder about. After about 4 rounds her ears started moving and I felt the horses back relax and the landing gear loosen.When we were just loping I pulled on the inside rein and brought it to the middle of the round pen and winded it down to a stop without giving it something to grab and run off with. The other direction was more like the swings and less like the Megatron and I got the same stop out of the horse.I got a chuckle out of remembering what my former employers responce would have been.... well she's not crazy. He's right the horse is most defenatly not crazy. The vote still remains whether or not we have a superstar but it's looking much more promising thanks to time spent relaxing in the round pen. 

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