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Mental Warfare.. from the parking lot to the alley

Posted on November 28, 2010 at 8:55 PM

In the competitive world there is always going to be a chess match of the minds. Sometimes you are playing Bobby Fischer sometimes you are scratching your head at Ricky Bobby. 

This weekend a friends superstar horse was assaulted verbally by a person she did not know but  who evedently spends alot of time over compensating for a lack there of. When she mentioned the comments that were made not knowing the name of the offender I knew IMMEDIATLY who this person was. This one is much closer to Ricky Bobby. I've had my fair share of moments with people cut from the same cloth because they always manage to pick out the new people and try to impress them and I have been new alot in the last 5 yrs. Needless to say my dear friend was NOT inpressed and her rig pulled 3 1D checks the night this happened. I guess since she came to East Texas and whipped them she is now "A Big Deal" The offenders words not mine.

 As a competitor doing your best to avoid negative influences during your time preparing can help you avoid these moments incase you are less equipped than my friend was to handle them. Sometimes this works sometimes it does not. I have learned who to avoid while I am getting ready, from the snarling person that runs over you in the warm up pen to the snide quote un-quote "Friends" who make comments that teeter on the edge of trying to say they don't think you are capable. It takes all kinds to play with your mind and how you choose to take it is strictly up to you.




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