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A year in review

Posted on December 31, 2010 at 9:11 AM

I've seen 865146782 facebook posts claiming not to be able to wait for 2011 and I must confess I am trying not to be one of them. I even bought a can of Black Eyed Peas which I have never had a taste for. While I am looking forward to 2011 because I look forward to about anything new I watch 2010 go with the sadness of seeing it leave.

We have traveled so much this year and seen so many places with what we do we are tremendously blessed.

Texas A&M where we will forever be in there debt for saving Nonstop Bugs life. I have an A&M Sweatshirt now and she has it on her halter.

 Kinder LA where they don't believe in Starbucks, and it was snowing which I am going to go out on a limb and say never happens.

All of Alabama and Mississippi where we road tripped so our horses could have a new trailer. Walked on the beach in Pensacola Florida in February and annoyed family and facebook with pictures of birds and seashells.

Memphis TN where I left with the knocked down barrels blues... I wonder if BB King has ever sang about that? Great BBQ though.

Fort Smith AR, where friendships, records and timers were broken, lives were changed and dreams were made. Thankfully that poor newpaper guy that ruined that run for Kay is not a regular member of the barrel horse industry people would still be throwing rocks at him. 

Summer brought us rodeos, 84572 trips to the vet, our 3rd wedding anniversary each of which becomes a bigger shock to family and friends. A whole lot of laughs and good times and some really great clients to keep us busy with their horses.

The Jud Little Barrel Bash created new friendships, brought us back to the place where it all started as Rance and I met there at Jud's sale dance in 2006 while I was working for Bobby Lewis. Then Jud gave us a job when our place of emplyment shut it's doors, and sent horses with us to keep us going while Rance went through fire school. I will never be able to repay him and Jolene for all the support when we struck out on this venture.

JB Quarter Horses saw us come home with hope of Reba's return to the arena, and a new horse which if I had drove down to JB Quarter Horses and picked a stud to breed a to the mare this is the colt that would have resulted.

The BFA did not go as planned but it inspired something in me. I drove home disgruntled but when my feet hit home ground I resolved to do everything in my power to fix what I could. Bad luck which we had alot of is unescapable but growing from it is defentatly an option. The good I found in is watching your friends kick but I could not have been prouder for Jolene Stewart Montgomery and Aced My Bully whom she literally started from the first saddling, and Joy Wargo and Charlotte Cunningham for shutting em down in OKC.

I hope as everyone who looks back on 2010 with dusgust makes a point to learn from it and put it behind them. I stood and watched my 2010 futurity filly who had everything bad happen to her short of dying last year smoke a set of barrels with her new pilot the other day and thanked god for the brief oppourtunity to ride a horse like her, and for the coming year where we have a barn full of horses with good owners to try it all again.

Happy New Year and please let a friend drive if you are drinking!

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