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Matters of the Heart

Posted on March 20, 2011 at 6:18 PM

It is often said, “One never knows what’s in one’s heart.“ but listening to a woman the other day bad mouth every horse that went down the alley I felt like a cardiologist. Every rider that so much as bounced in the turn, and every horse that didn’t work like a museum exhibit was subject to her less than positive expert opinion which made me wonder if this gal was mentally and emotionally playing out all the things people might say about her during her runs. In reality the rest of the world probably don’t care as much as she does but what other reason would there be for such words?

Being our own worst enemy is not a new trend among barrel racers but what about when you become an enemy to others without even realizing it. Random negative comments about people you don’t know, who are in or debilitated by situations you will never know, is not only mentally draining for yourself but it annoys the people around you as well. To what purpose are these comments when you could make someone’s day brighter and lighten your own heart? Even if they had just one good barrel or maybe they are riding a horse that don’t quite get it yet but can really run, would it not be more productive to pass that person and say, “Hey your horse can really scoot, or that was a great first barrel?”


A stop to it came when the comments, came around to one of my students who is not at a 1D level yet but made a very large improvement with the correctness and smoothness of her pattern. The girl has had 3 lessons and I don’t attribute her improvement to me as much as the natural talent she possess’. I was quite thankful I had ridden all my horses for the day because the rest of the event I was in a bad mood from one persons careless comments towards a person she had never met and a person I had a personal vested interest in because I want her to do well and was quite proud of her bottom of the 3D run. What’s in one’s heart often times comes out their mouth before they realize it. Have you had your heart checked today?

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