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Dirt........ not filling HORRIBLE TASTE!

Posted on March 13, 2011 at 6:57 PM

This past weekend while competing in Texarkana AR at the BFA Lucky Dog Futurity, I fell off a good filly on the second barrel. There was really no rhyme or reason to what happened it was simply a matter of being a little out of time and training the horse maybe a little too well. Well enough she knew she was where she was supposed to be and I asked for one more step and she turned exactly where I had been tuning on her to turn in the practice pen all week. That'll teach me to call Geico to when overthinking that I might hit a barrel.

I rememeber laying there in the arena in shock as to what happened and wanting out of the pen. Not so much embarrassed of falling off but embarrassed that it hurt! Praise the lord nothing is broken and I sit here typing because I chose to ride yesterday and today my body is calling me obscene names. While I type it has occured to me how much my focus has changed. I am quite certain when I was younger this would have effected me tremendously. It's apparent I have quit taking myself to seriously...

I think every now and again we should all eat the proverbial dirt it really puts one in persepective. The mare I came off of is not the horse in my barn I ever dreamed I would suck mud pies riding. She's a pretty cut and dry type of horse to ride. Kick, Hang ON, and help her on the back side. She's generally pretty smooth about it not a lick of cheat in her and keeps improving with every run. It kinda made me realize how little credit I had been giving her while alway thinking the one that was going to make me look stupid were the 2 front enders in my barn. She has always had my admiration and respect but she gets it double now that she has furrowed the ground on the second barrel with my head.  Of course there are stories going that I both passed and blacked out as well as that the mare ducked. NONE of which happened. Someone doubts me I know a lady with the video.

Lesson learned and saddle horn re-attained she went back down that alley and clocked the best she's ever clocked in that kind of company with a stumble on the 3rd barrel leaving it. That's a testimate to her as an individual and her daddy as a sire. She can loose a rider on friday come back loose her rear end on saturday and still get up and run a half second off the wolves. This mare was not started on barrels till August of last year. It also helped her jockey to quit climbing out over the front of her horses like the hood ornament on a Chrysler! I will consider it a blessing and move on I hope the lesson sticks with me as well as the memorie is going to. I can't imagine a better life lesson than one from a horse can you?

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