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Colts Starting- Before the bridle..

The most imporatant part of a colts foundation is their ability to use their feet. No matter what disciplin they are headed for. If they can't move, they can't perform.

 When the young horses are brought to the facility they're started with basics that ensure their ability to ride. Confidence come's from understand and understanding comes from basic signals instead of to much information. Building on those basic signals ensures a confident young horse who can go on and do anything.


Whether its a Fresh Start or a New Start

We've had the fortune or miss fortune to get on some nice horses and some Junk horses growing up and have learned something from each and everyone of them.

 When we get a young horse in that has not been started we take a moment to see how far along the horse is. We will not start a horse on the pattern or on cattle before it has a good solid foundation. Any extra time you spend in dry work will insure quicker success later on in the arena. Same with a started horse that has some issues or has been blown up. There is a reason behind every horses issue they don't wake up one morning and decide to blow the first barrel or be bad in the box without a reason.

We don't drill on them or run pen after pen of steers on them, we've found that 20 minutes worth of doing it right and letting them relax gets ten times more accomplished than a long time of grunting and groaning and forcing them to work. Horses are that smart and they do get bored. A horse that enjoys its job is

1. Not Bored
2. Going to preform better
3. Going to make you more money whether its in the Arena or bye Selling it.

  We try to make sure that the horse enjoys its job. No one likes to ride a horse that doesn't go in the arena wanting to work. They may work a few times but they don't last long. We try to let a horse develop its own natural style and then tweek it a little bit and build on that.
There is no Magic bit that We think all horses should work in. A good foundation creates a good horse not a $100.00 bit.

The whole goal is to turn out a horse that wants to work and wants to win. There is nothing like sitting on the back of a horse that enjoys it's job and gives it's all.


Colt Starting and Rope Horse Training by Rance Butler 

$700.00 per month includes good hay twice per day and good feed

*special considerations for horses left in training for futurity purposes with Josey Butler.

 Barrel Horse Training

 $600.00 + exhb and entry Fee's